Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Commit to your choices, how ever bizarre and strange they may be and your mind will support those choices as you move into your character...

What did l learn in Improv class today?
Mind blowing shit.
Seriously - i have to get enough improv experience to teach this stuff to the world.
It has changed my life and i know it can change other people's as well!

So tonight, i am high on the experience of being absolutely and totally free for two hours of bliss.
I spent 20 minutes rambling into my iphone only to realize that the flipping thing did not record a bit or byte of my soulful musings about this form of acting. And at this point, i'm way too exhausted to even articulate properly what happened to me in those 120 minutes of heaven, but i will leave you with this.

Commit to your choices, however bizarre and strange they may be,  and your mind will support those choices as you move into your character.

What does that mean in real life applications?

Whatever you dream, do it.
And it will happen.

I am a firm believer in this right now. And as i move into this bold new exciting stage in my life, i have faith that the universe will provide exactly what i need at any given time. I have survived cancer scares, car accidents, suicides, divorces, breakups, moves, job losses - and in each of those times, i survived. I never ended up on the street, without food, without money, without love. Knock on wood, but i think that i will survive again. And dear reader, please know, you will too :-)

If i have a last bit of energy, i will record my rant in the morning. It was quite uplifting actually :-)

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