Thursday, October 31, 2013

Day 2 of Action Theater

but in a good way.
Too wiped to collect my thoughts, but i'm taking notes as we learn in class.

2mrw - going to a bbf's house to shoot her being a ghost in the home that held her when she got married, then divorced, and then married in again. It's up for sale and completely empty, Except for the memories which we will exercise as the sun goes down.

I told her to get a few boxes of kleenex.

Shift is taking place.
New people coming into my life, they are replacing the ones that are leaving.

like attracts like -
putting out the unconditional love and acceptance.
Seems to be working wonders.

Still rough - change of seasons brings on the layers of melancholy, but i'm pushing through.
This year is almost over.
New beginnings on the horizon.
I can see them.
I can smell them.

Like home made apple pie on a blustery winter day.


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