Monday, October 28, 2013

star bright

My view of the sky this morning as reflected in a puddle...

I am sitting in the middle of a huge log cabin home - 20+ foot ceilings, the roar of a beautiful fire, rock crystal lamps delicately soften the warm air, friends sit quietly in loving silence nearby, and the sky clouded over, until a minute in time when i was able to go out and see it appear between a tufted pocket of ink jet clouds.

O came out to get me and A:
"if you come now, you'll see the Orion in the sky. It's incredible!"

And as i ran out to the wet slick balcony in bare feet, the cold jolted through my bones with rabid ferocity.

Then, I looked up and, as if by magic, the pain was gone...

"in constellation of Orion is a nebula called N42- a star nursery. See how it looks like it's pulsing? Right now,  new stars are being created."

That is what a nebula really is.
This very second.

Millions of light years of cosmic force hitting our eye.
Old stars dying, new stars being born. Now
And now.
and now...

How incredible is that?

And as i stood outside in the most profound silence of a deep woods night, I realized that every minute is a new beginning. We are constantly in a state of new beginnings.

And into this moment of creation that i shall move, knowing I'm begin guided by a interstellar muse from the distant heavens...

Constellation of Orion by Nasa

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